The story of Sen’Derrick Marks

10 03 2009

You guys ever heard of Sen’Derrick Marks? Neither had we until we read his story. The fact that he’s a potential first round pick from Auburn in this spring’s NFL Draft is great, but the real kicker is how he ended up at Auburn in the first place. Whether you play football or field hockey, each of you can benefit from his story.

Here’s what the article says:

In December 2004, Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville traveled to the Mobile area to check in on some prospects. An assistant suggested Tuberville head to Vigor High (Prichard, Ala.), where Coach Kerry Stevenson wanted to show him a player. Tuberville wasn’t interested in anyone at Vigor, but a little “P.R. work” never hurt. A coach never knows where the next hot prospect will emerge, so a few hours’ detour wouldn’t hurt if it kept Tuberville on a high school coach’s good side.

When Tuberville arrived, Stevenson brought him to the gym, where the boys’ basketball team was practicing. As the men made small talk, the basketball players lined up for a three-man weave drill.

“Coach,” Stevenson said. “Let’s see if you can pick him out.”

Seconds later, Vigor’s 260-pound power forward tore down the floor and unleashed a vicious dunk. Tuberville turned to Stevenson. “Who was that?” he asked. “That,” Stevenson said, “is Sen’Derrick Marks.” Tuberville offered Marks a scholarship on the spot, Stevenson said.

Here’s what it means for you:

To show your athletic ability, grab a camera, grab a friend, and go outside and run thru some drills, get on the speed ladder, head to the weight room, dunk a basketball, walk on your hands, do back flips – you get the point. It’s fundamentally the same as a coach being there in person watching you perform.

While game film never lies, the flow of the game dictates how you perform as an athlete. If you’re a quarterback, for instance, but it rains every game and you only throw five passes all season, how does a coach know what you can do? Get your camera, show your stuff, and take the process into your own hands.

If we tell you the same things over and over again, that’s because they’re true and we want you to listen. As we’ve said before, coaches need to know what kind of an athlete you are. If you lack good game film, be creative and find other ways to show your abilities. With that dunk, here’s what the college coach said: “It caught me by surprise. But from that day on, I knew Sen’Derrick was an athlete.” Like Sen’Derrick, find ways to show your athleticism beyond the playing field.

What does basketball have to do with football? Or track with field hockey? Plenty, as you’ve just read.

To check out the rest of the article, click here.




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