Welcome to Recruit Scoop!

10 03 2009

We, the SportsPage Team, are committed to providing a valuable service to help student-athletes, parents, and coaches — people like YOU — wade the oftentimes rough waters of the college recruiting process. Each of the founding members of SportsPage have been in your shoes and seen the process up-close and personal. We understand that there is a lot of information out there to sift through and a lot of weighty decisions to make. For that reason, SportsPage has two goals when it comes to helping you:

  1. Educate: the more that coaches, students, and parents know about each other and the college recruiting process, the more opportunity that affords each party.
  2. Empower: given that knowledge, we’re putting the recruiting process into the student-athlete’s hands and giving them the tools they need to take ownership of it.

In the end, by educating and empowering, we hope that our company and website help to open doors and provide student-athletes with the same opportunities that we were all so fortunate to have had. That is the purpose of this site and specifically, this group.

Each week we will cover different topics ranging from how to effectively start the process and what you can expect along the way, to NCAA legislation, to factors to consider when deciding on a program or school, to how best to use the features on SportsPage. In addition, it is our hope that you will provide us with ideas and specific issues that YOU want to learn or talk about. If you have a question or comment, post it and we’ll get back to you quickly.

It is our belief that being informed with unbiased knowledge and insight makes all the difference. That being said, get ready to learn!




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