’s Recruiting 10 Commandments

11 03 2009

Okay, not trying to beat a dead horse here, simply trying to prove a point. What did we say the other week about recruiting and coaching? The goal for both is to collect information, right?

I came across an article on the other day that gave the Ten Commandments for learning how to recruit. Guess what the Fourth Commandment was? “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”? Good guess, but no. According to the author, the Fourth Commandment for recruiting is… drum roll, please…

“Gather information. Don’t give it.”

These SportsPage guys kind of know what they’re talking about, huh? Okay, here’s one more… Remember how we harped on the three things coaches evaluate: talent, character, and academics? Guess what the Second Commandment was?…

“Recruit intelligence. Recruit work ethic. Recruit character.”

Booyah. SportsPage guys are on a roll. We’ll never claim to know everything, but we do think we know some things that will be helpful as you go through the recruiting process. Quite simply, the knowledge we pass onto you is what we wish we had known when we were in your shoes. It’s a combination of our personal experiences as players, coaches, and administrators, as well as things we’ve seen countless athletes, parents, and coaches deal with.

It’s a great article. To read the rest, click here.




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