SportsPage Insider: Creating good recruiting habits

11 03 2009

Here’s a rule of thumb that should become habit for you (if you’ve been reading these posts for a while, this advice should come as no surprise)…

Whenever you have new “information,” it needs to be passed on to the coaches at the schools that you are interested in and who are interested in you. For instance, if you have updated game film, pass it on to the coaches (or upload it to your profile). Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean every game. Once you get a few games under your belt at the beginning of the season, send in the film. Then again around mid-season and again at the end of the season. This allows a coach to chart your progress over time and gives them the ability to complete a more thorough evaluation of your talent and skills.

Also, if you have new grades or test scores to report, send them to the coaches once the grades and scores are finalized. A simple fax or copy of the scores is good enough. The transcript does not have to be official at this point. You telling a coach, “I have a 3.0 GPA” is not good enough. A coach will want to see that in person and verify that claim by looking at your transcript. The more factual information a coach has to evaluate you from, the better. The sooner a coach has that information, the better.

When we say “factual information” we’re talking film, transcripts, and test scores. You could include face-to-face meetings and evaluations (camps, games, practice, etc.) in that category as well. Seeing is believing. Coaches don’t want to be told how good a prospect is, they want to see it for themselves.

Remember, coaches want to fill their rosters with the best combination of talent and character. If you have something to hide (a bad semester, for example) it’s best to be up front and honest. When coaches evaluate they leave no stone unturned and no skeletons in the closet. A rocky past will only come back to haunt you if you re not honest about it in the beginning.

Whether in your schoolwork, your training or your handling of the recruiting process, form good habits. In closing, consider these words from Shaquille O’Neal — who paraphrases the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle — when he says:

“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.”




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