Solicited or Unsolicited? How should I send my film?

25 03 2009

There seems to be a little bit of debate on whether or not it is OK to send unsolicited mail to college coaches. In other words, should you mail them a copy of your schedule and recruiting DVD without them previously asking for that information?

I don’t think there should even be a debate. Absolutely be proactive! If you are waiting around for all of the scouts to show up at your game out of the blue you are being extremely naïve. You should let them know that you are interested in them and that you have certain tools that they may need.

Due to rain in the Central Region, there haven’t been too many baseball or softball games, but I have found time to make it to about six games between some of the better schools in the area. On Friday I saw two games that included four future D1 pitchers, a younger brother of a Major League pitcher, and several other college bound players. What I did not see was a single college coach.

Get your information in front of the coaches. Do not wait for them to randomly stumble upon your game. Be proactive. Use SportsPage to share your film quickly and cheaply, or, send DVDs and tapes through the mail if requested. If you have any questions regarding this topic or about putting together your recruiting video, please call or email.

Rich Prado
Play In School
College Recruiting Videos




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