Total Performance: Sport-specific training

31 03 2009

Today I want to make an introduction to sports-specific training and talk about why it’s different than the majority of training you see at conventional gyms. Many of you may have some familiarity with training if you play a sport like football, for instance, that requires you to be big. Football has led the way in sports-specific training because everyone has made it quite clear that if you want to be good at football, you need to train.

But, if you want to be successful at ANY sport, you have to train. Speed, strength, power and balance: these are all aspects vital to sport that can be improved through training. Another way to think of it is this: if you take two athletes of exactly the same skill level and put them against each other head-to-head, which athlete will prevail? The bigger, stronger and faster athlete is always going to come out on top. What good are your skills if you always have to catch up to the rest of the field?

How is sports-specific training different from other types of training? Sports-specific training should focus on the movement patterns vital to performance. A trainer/strength coach’s job is to PREVENT any injuries that could occur on the field except for collision injuries. His program design should be focused around this first, and the vital components second. A well thought out program will have the balance to strengthen all parts of the body equally, and it will not be focused solely on appearance.

If your training is broken into the bodybuilder split: Back & Bis, Chest & Tris, etc., then you are not training for your sport, you are training for the sport of Bodybuilding. For sports performance, the programs need to be designed to have different parts of the body work together. Not only are you training the muscles and joints, but there is also a large amount of “motor programming” involved too. In other words, not only are you getting work for your muscles, but you’re also teaching your mind how to help you better control your body when moving.

So here is the agenda for the next several weeks:

  • We’ll first talk about a proper warm-up and what should be in it. Then we’ll get into some specific program design and maybe I’ll get some videos on here of exercises you can put into your own training programs.

If you have any questions, please email me. Have a great week!

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