17 04 2009

Here’s a great service we’d like to introduce you to as you plan your next college visit. Many have found this a refreshing break from stuffy, crowded hotels that are oftentimes hard to book. Take a look…

What is is an online platform for connecting visitors of college towns with owners of short-term and vacation rental properties. We enable college town property owners to earn extra income while providing alumni, parents of students, and any traveler superior accommodations as compared to a hotel.

How it works

It is really easy. Nice people like you list their house, guest cottage, extra bedroom, apartment, or second home on the site for a set price per night. Then anybody looking for a nicer and typically more affordable place to stay than a hotel will search for the perfect place on our user friendly site, and contact the owner of that property via the “contact owner” link on every listing. The property owner and traveler will then exchange information and if the property owner determines the traveler is suitable and vice versa the two parties will agree upon the length of stay and typically use our rental agreement to complete the reservation. Check out their video tutorials to watch a demonstration of how to go about finding a property or listing a property.




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