– NFL Draft Preview

20 04 2009

Okay, so the 2009 NFL Draft is less than a week away. Sure, not all members of the SportsPage community play football or even care about football. We understand that. However, today we bring you an insider’s perspective that sheds light on not only the Draft, but also has parallels to the college recruiting process.

*Michael Abromowitz, President and Senior Writer of has been a good friend of SportsPage for a number of years. Like us, Michael has seen the inner workings of the college recruiting process from his days as a student intern with the University of Virginia Football Program. He understands the “science” of recruiting and the NFL Draft as well as anybody. Or better yet, we should probably say “inexact science,” as a recent article on his site explains.

As we’ve told you before, recruiting is an inexact science. There are a lot of factors that coaches consider when evaluating prospects and, unfortunately for you guys, no special formula you can plug yourself into to see where you stack up. To make matters worse, every coaching staff in America has their own philosophies when it comes to recruiting and every staff thinks theirs is the right one. But, not everyone can be right. Something’s got to give, huh?

Take a quick look at Michael’s article that gets inside the psyche of the Draft and the games that NFL scouts, coaches, and executives play with prospects (and themselves) when it comes to assembling their draft classes each spring. Pay particular to the beginning and end of the article.

The bottom line… recruiting, like the Draft, is an inexact science, no matter how scientific you try to make it. There are many factors and countless moving parts to consider when searching for the “perfect prospect.” It’s for this reason that we’ve kept it simple for you guys from Day One. Recruiting is all about collecting information. What kind of player, person, and student are you? Take care of the things that YOU can take care of and that put you in the best position to realize your goals.

To check out the article, click here.


Also, here’s a great quote from a recent interview with Top 5 Prospect Eugene Monroe. We’ve known Gene for the last four years and it sums up perfectly how has transformed himself from a decent prospect into one of the most sought after players in the Draft.

“A lot of it comes from film study and working on your technique, studying defenders making sure you’re doing those things all the time,” said Monroe about what it takes to protect his QB’s blindside flawlessly. “But, there’s always room for improvement in my game. I might feel like I played a great game but when I look at it on film, there are just so many things I could’ve done better, so the work never stops.”

You hear that? The work never stops. Being the best at what you do doesn’t just happen. It takes work. How hard are you willing to work?

To check out the rest of the article, click here.


*Michael has been following the NFL Draft for more than ten years, and began writing on the NFL Draft with in 2004.  He has been quoted in numerous publications, both Internet and print and is a proud member of the Football Writers Association of America.  His mock drafts have been on numerous NFL team sites.  He does interviews for the draft on numerous radio shows and websites, including and  On, Michael made the bold statement that the 49ers would draft Patrick Willis, and Willis would become the defensive rookie of the year, which both happened. Around the Internet, Michael is known as the guy for “having a knack for finding the hidden gems.”



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