Recruiting defined: “evaluation period”

11 05 2009

An evaluation period is that period of time when it is permissible for authorized athletics department staff members to be involved in off-campus activities designed to assess the academic qualifications and playing ability of prospective student-athletes. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts shall be made with the prospective student-athlete during an evaluation period.


If you see a coach in your school this week, this is why. We are in a Spring Evaluation Period for the next few weeks for most sports. When coaches come to your school during this type of period they are allowed to do a few things, but talk to you face-to-face is not one of them. Coaches will use this as an opportunity to speak to coaches, teachers, and counselors to get an idea of the type of student-athlete you are. Remember, they want to see the complete picture of who you actually are. So, they’ll stop by the guidance office and pickup a copy of your transcript and test scores, maybe ask a random passerby in the hallway about you, and then head out to your practice or game to actually watch you compete and show off your skills.

Next time, we’ll show you a clear example of this from last year’s NFL Draft. It’s the same in college as it is in the pros – teams want someone to be the “total package” and fit in with their system. Just being a good player isn’t enough. You have to give more. Being a good citizen, teammate, and student are just three additional qualities coaches are looking for during this Spring Evaluation Period. They don’t overlook those things. Trust us!

Again, to check out the various recruiting calendars by sport and division, click here.




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