Ways to save money on recruiting

8 06 2009

Recruiting-101.comWe’ve talked a great deal with you guys about how to save money during the recruiting process. In today’s economy, that’s become an increasingly valuable thing. Right? We’ve shown you how SportsPage puts the recruiting process into your hands, which allows you to save time, money, and effort when it comes to getting your names out there to college coaches. We can’t stress this point enough.

Recruiting is not rocket science. Coaches want to know a few key things about you in order to best evaluate you. They don’t need a 128-point under-the-hood diagnostic test to determine this. They just need to know what kind of person, player, and student you are. Three things. That’s it. So, the task for you is to figure out how to do that as cheaply and effectively as possible.

Our friends at Recruiting-101.com understand this point as well. They wrote an article recently about the different ways that both athletes and parents can save money. Take a look. The only point that we would like to clarify is the first — taking multiple visits to the same school. Don’t read this as black and white. There is tremendous value in being persistant with your recruiting and making it clear to coaches that you’d like to attend their school. If that means making the effort to take a few trips here and there, do it. However, do this in conjunction with the author’s last point, Be Realisitic. If the writing on the wall says that the school isn’t interested in you, don’t be afraid to move on. It’s likely in your best interest as it allows you to focus you time and effort (and money!) on schools that are interested.

We hope that helps serve as an appropriate introduction to the article. Click here to read the full text.




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